A denim jacket is different from your regular winter jackets and coats. It is light in weight and best for chilly days like the start of fall or spring. 

Denim fabric was first introduced by Levi Strauss, he succeeded in developing a fabric that has fewer wrinkles, needs fewer washes, and keeps your body safe too. After 140 years, modern men realized that Denim is not only best for the lower body but it could become one of the best clothing items for the upper body as well. And hence we are here with tons of denim jacket designs and styles.

There is not any particular way of styling a denim jacket. You can try it on with different clothing items to create various looks. 

Below is a brief guide for men to style a Denim jacket this year. So let’s have a look. 

On bottom: 

What to Wear with Denim jacket. You can try on different bottoms with a denim jacket. As they are versatile and can be easily mixed and matched with different bottoms to create a perfect street style look. Some of the best options are listed below. 

Denim on denim: if you are confident enough to try this look then great, take your favorite denim pants and style them up with a denim jacket. Experts always suggest going for a little light or dark color of denim pants. So it might not look like a uniform. Denim on denim is also known as the Canadian tuxedo look. The best casual outfit for casual days. 

Denim with Dress pants: this semi-formal look is popular among men. Style up your favorite dress pants with a denim jacket to wear to events like casual business meetings, presentations, dinners, etc. A neutral color pant looks great with a dark blue or black denim jacket. 

Chinos/khaki: What to Wear with Denim jacket. Chinos and khaki pants are best paired up with denim. This look is super cool and comfortable both at the same time. Also, this outfit idea is for gentlemen who love to dress casually and look super elegant and attractive. Carry this outfit at casual friends’ meetups, dinners, and birthday parties. 

On top: 

Just like bottoms, there are tons of clothing items that can be worn on the upper body with denim jackets. Some of them include: 

T-shirts: the best, causal, most versatile, and timeless clothing item ever introduced in the history of mankind. You can pair any color T-shirt with a denim jacket to create daily outfits. 

Hoodies: If the weather is getting cold, and it’s officially hoodie season, then pairing up a hoodie with a denim jacket is a perfect idea. It’s casual, smart and the most comfortable winter look. 

Button-down shirts: These shirts are also best to be paired up with a denim jacket. A good smart look for casual office days. 

Wrapping up!!!

So here are my denim outfit ideas for men. How do you style your favorite denim jacket? 

Share your ideas with us too. 

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